Our story

Our story

 Flair for Flower

Each petal is meticulously sculpted to resemble a real flower, Leo strives to capture the moment of life in nature and preserve the fleeting state of flowers by ceramics. The superlative artistry is a pursuit for crafts and time-honored techniques.


Born and raised in Hong Kong (b. 1981), with a Bachelor and Master degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong . After graduation, Leo becomes a certified arborist  and professional landscape designer specialized in vegetation management. His knowledge of flowers and botanicals was cultivating from his studies and career over 20 years.

Having discovered his passion from ceramic art, Leo has since then tributed his passion of botany and creates life-like floral-inspired sculptures. Leo currently resides and works in Hong Kong. He has been lived in Switzerland (Geneva) and Singapore and participated in various exhibitions across Europe and Asia.

Based on traditional flower sculpting skills, Leo in 2017 developed original techniques in making eggshell thin petals and non-glazed finishing that make his signature porcelain peonies look real. His creations were influenced by Japanese aesthetics, Wabi- Sabi (侘寂).  Wabi-sabi is a Japanese cultural viewpoint that embraces imperfections, transience, and individuality, touching on a melancholic understanding that “natural imperfections" are inherent in our universe.



2022 France meets Japan (French May Art Festival), Hong Kong

2022 FIND Design Fair Asia, Singapore

2020  Shatin Arts Association Annual Ceramic Exhibition, Hong Kong

2019 Water - Fluid of life Ceramic Exhibition, Plitvice Lakes @ Croatia

2019 International Ceramics Competition Carouge, Geneva @ Switzerland

2018 Shatin Arts Association Annual Ceramic Exhibition, Hong Kong

2017 World Ceramic Art Biennale, Vichte @ Belgium 

2016 Shatin Arts Association Annual Ceramic Exhibition, Hong Kong