ceramic peony

Signature Peony

Peony: A Homage to Oriental Beauty 

Leo’s floral ceramics collection including a wide range of flowers: peony, rose, lotus, camellia, gardenia, poppy, dahlia, lily and cherry blossom.  Peony is the most important and iconic floral in his collection. Leo crafts each ceramic peony through his botany knowledge and myriad sculpting techniques, every flower is uniquely created  with their own moving gesture, color shade and form.


Peony symbolize prosperity, good luck, love and honor. Compound, sweetly fragrant and packed with delicate petals, they were often depicted in different forms of art as omen of good fortune in Chinese tradition. Leo’s Peony collection is a celebration to thousand years of Asian beauty and culture of naturalism.


The Art of Nature

The mighty nature has always been an inexhaustible source of imagination and inspiration. Leo’s artworks attach great importance to the expression of vitality. He strives to present the subtle nuances, fragility and asymmetry in natural world.

Each petal is meticulously sculpted to resemble a real flower, Leo strives to capture the moment of life in nature and preserve the fleeting state of flowers by ceramics. The superlative artistry is a pursuit for crafts and time-honored techniques.

 leo wong ceramics

Porcelain: The White Gold 

Porcelain, the highest quality ceramic known, is famed for its ability to create the most expressive and delicate shapes. Porcelain was used to name as “white gold”- valued for both its durability and delicacy. It  became a worldwide sensation, which changing tastes and the global economy over centuries.

The clay body we use is the finest porcelain of its kind, with an unequalled translucency and significantly higher whiteness value.  Each porcelain flower is fired in our kilns, at 1260C. Hotter than any known volcano, this ultra-high temperature gives the unique strength yet delicacy we seek.

 leo wong ceramics

An Ode to Ancient Craft

Porcelain has been one of the most important and remarkable commodities in the past few centuries, it played an important role in influenced and infused the design and aesthetic between Asia and Europe.  As a ceramicist, Leo proudly presents ceramic as a medium to bring the important history of aesthetic and cultural interchange to the modern world.